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Raising Standards of Event Management.

While there are many people involved in making your wedding day a success, your DJ works to bring all of the critical elements of your reception together in a seamless fashion. As master of ceremonies, we organize and execute the logical progression of the event in a way that creates the mood and atmosphere that the bride and groom desire. We provide elegant event coordination, microphone skills and classic professionalism without the cheese. We greet your guests, host your events, monitor lighting and sound levels, read the crowd, coordinate the vendors, and much more. The result of all of this? You get to enjoy your wedding reception rather than worry and stress about it.

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Reading a crowd.

Not only are we a master of ceremonies, we are a master of music selection. Every wedding reception is different. Similarly, every group of guests is different. As a result, not every crowd will be energized and motivated by the same playlist. One group may dance to pop hits of today. Another group may like 80s music. Yet another may like pop country hits. From years of experience, we have the ability to read a crowd and make adjustments quickly and easily.

After all, it's your wedding.

We want your reception to have the personality that you choose - whether you want a dance party or a formal sit down event or a delicate mix of both. We have the ability to adapt our personality and style to fit your personal tastes and needs. We can be as outgoing or as conservative as you like.

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Are you a music lover? Great! You can create an entire setlist for the evening. With Lost in this Moment, you can choose as much or as little of the music as you like. After all, it is your wedding.
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